Why Choose This Firm?

For this law firm, going the extra mile for a client is a given. But here are SEVEN other ways that this firm stands out:

  1.  Mr. Bergmann brings more than thirty years of knowledge and experience to his handling of  each client's legal matter.
  2. Mr. Bergmann provides outstanding legal service for a reasonable fee.
  3. The firm's staff are welcoming and helpful, from the scheduling of a  client’s appointment through the conclusion of the matter.
  4. Mr. Bergmann works with each client directly throughout the handling of the client’s legal matter. A client is never handed off to anyone else.
  5. Mr. Bergmann accepts all client calls and, if he is unavailable, responds to all client communications (emails and calls) promptly.
  6. All legal work is completed in a timely manner.
  7. The firm's first-floor office is conveniently located within 1-1/2 miles of three major highways (I-74, I-275, and Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway.)  And free parking is located immediately adjacent to the front entrance.

While other law firms may be able to provide their clients with some of these benefits. we don’t believe that any other firm can offer more.