Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Mr. Bergmann has extensive experience providing owners, architects, general contractors, prime contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and landscaping companies with the legal services they require on commercial construction projects.

Commercial construction projects for which he has rendered legal services have included office buildings, shopping centers, multi-use buildings, free-standing offices and stores, churches, restaurants, drinking establishments, sports complexes, and parking garages. Those projects have involved new construction, restoration, build-outs, remodeling, excavation, landscaping, and other improvements of commercial property.


  • Consultation regarding construction matters
  • Negotiation of project-related documents, claims, and disputes
  • Preparation and/or review and revision of project-related contracts and other transaction documents
  • Creation and enforcement or removal of mechanic’s liens
  • Assertion/defense of performance and payment bond claims.
  • Legal representation in litigation, arbitration, and mediation of construction-related claims and disputes

Many of the listed legal services (such as the preparation of a construction contract or creation of a mechanic’s lien) may be done for a flat fee. However, services which may involve an uncertain amount of time (such as negotiations and litigation representation) are ordinarily performed on an hourly fee basis.

Services in addition to the ones described above may be offered by the firm. If you do not see a particular legal service which you need, please contact us to inquire whether it is available.